Friday, August 6, 2010


So what's our big change for DM2011?

As you may know, in the past we've always had teams of 8 or more dancers as well as individual dancers. Well this year we're keeping the teams of 8 or more, but we're also creating teams for individual dancers!

Anyone who signs up on their own will be placed on a team with other individual dancers and will have one of our team captains - Katie & Becca are two of our team captains right now! - as their team captain! The dancer teams will then get together a few times before DM to plan out outfits for theme hours and anything else they may want to bring!

We still welcome you to sign up with 8 or more of your friends and have your own team! Or to come for a few hours as a moraler to support all of our dancers!

But what happens if you want to sign up with just one or two of your friends? No worries! We will put you all on the same team of individual dancers!

There will be a lot more team competitions this year so get ready!

See you at Splash on August 29th!

Steph, Maggie, & Eric
DM Overall Chairs

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