Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Show 'em some love

Hey DMers!

First off thanks to everyone who applied to be a chair for DM2011, we're currently reviewing the applications and will be scheduling interviews shortly.

We also just wanted to encourage everyone to take just 30 seconds to vote for Fighting Friday to open for KISS. Fighting Friday is one of our favorite bands at DM. They've performed almost every year (previously as Moonshine) and have been so encouraging during our 18 hours of dancing. The energy their band gives off is a HUGE motivation right about half way through the night. So if you have just a minute, do them a favor, show them some DM love and Click here to vote. Also if you want to check out their new promo video so you can remember just how awesome they were here's the link: Fighting Friday Promo Video



Steph, Maggie, & Eric

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